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Cosmetic injectable treatments at Willowk Skin & Beauty in Bentleigh


We have partnered up with Kelly Smeaton of Duchess Aesthetics to offer you the best in cosmetic injectable treatments.

Our masters qualified Aesthetic Nurser Practitioner


  • Kelly is a masters qualified Nurse Practitioner. She has over 20 years’ experience in emergency nursing, and over 10 years’ experience in aesthetic nursing.


  • In addition to running Duchess Aesthetics, Kelly also trains aesthetic injectors.


  • Kelly is committed to remaining abreast of new developments and industry standards. She continues to attend seminars and training workshops, and receives ongoing mentorship from a renowned cosmetic physician.

Kelly's Credentials


A Nurse Practitioner can be described as a ‘hybrid' between a nurse and a doctor. The role exists as a means to fill the gaps between nursing and medicine. NPs are highly experienced in their clinical specialty, and are masters educated. They can perform advanced health assessments, make diagnoses, and prescribe medications. 


So what does this mean for you? 


When you visit Kelly, you get all of the care and one-to-one treatment that is associated with nursing, but you will also reap the benefits of a strong medical focus. Kelly is able to not only prescribe your treatments, but can also manage any (rare!) complications, and can support you along your cosmetic journey from beginning to end.

The best quality cosmetic injectable treatments in Melbourne


  • Patient safety is the first priority

  • Highly personalised treatments and treatment plans - no generic packages

  • Honesty at all times - no unnecessary prescriptions

  • A commitment to achieving natural results – Kelly’s clients value looking fresh and rejuvenated

  • One on one service - Kelly will personally take the time to listen to your unique aesthetic goals, and will see you through the entire treatment process

Kelly's Values
Anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in Melbourne


  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatments – soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Dermal Fillers – augment the size and / or shape of various structures of the face (including lips, cheeks, chin, jaw), and help to assist with the replacement of age related volume loss.


  • Full-Face Rejuvenation – a combination of anti-wrinkle and filler treatments, as determined by the individual patient’s desired aesthetic outcomes.



Luscious Palm Leaves

Will I look fake?


Kelly’s aim is to always provide natural results. She strives to enhance her patient’s natural beauty, and to create a 'fresh' look, as opposed to a 'fake' one.


Unnatural outcomes usually result from high volumes of filler, combined with a poor injecting technique. Kelly will always work with you to achieve your individual aesthetic goals, and will never over-prescribe. And with 10 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, you are in safe hands with her injecting techniques!

Will I be frozen?

Kelly will always take the time to discuss your aesthetic goals with you.  Many patients are very apprehensive at the prospect of being completely frozen.  Kelly’s aim is to provide you with the specific treatment outcomes that you are seeking. We are sure that you will love her anti-wrinkle treatments as much as we do!

Will it hurt?

The majority of treatments involve injections, so there is some mild discomfort.  A local anaesthetic or a topical cream can be used for some treatments.


Is there down time?


Anti-wrinkle treatments generally do not have any downtime.


Fillers are associated with swelling and sometimes bruising, so a few days of down time is possible. The amount of down time varies between individuals.


How long do results last?


Results will vary according to the individual, but as a guideline, anti-wrinkle treatments will usually last 3-4 months.


Filler results are dependent on the area being treated and the product used.  There are also some patient factors that will impact the duration of the treatment. As a general indication, lip filler usually lasts from 3 months, and cheek filler from 12 months.


Why do prices vary so widely between clinics?

Prices vary due to multiple factors. 


Some clinics are staffed with junior injectors with little to no experience or qualifications.   


Kelly prides herself on providing the safest, most up to date techniques.  She is an advocate for continuous professional development, and regularly attends conferences, workshops and training events. 


She also employs the support of a medical mentor – a leading cosmetic physician.


All injectable products used by Duchess Aesthetics are TGA approved, purchased directly from the supplier. This means that all our beautiful patients can be assured that they are receiving the safest possible injectable treatment, using genuine products.


Kelly approaches each patient individually, and does not offer ‘cookie cutter’ treatment packages. This means that pricing will vary according to the individual. You can book in for a free, no obligation consultation here to discuss your aesthetic goals and receive a personalised quote.

Learn more

Get to know Kelly a little better by visiting @duchessaesthetic.melb on Instagram.

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